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Our Services

Potential. Value. Progress. Growth.

Every ambitious leader naturally wants it all. We’ve structured our services to deliver these outcomes in the most efficient way.
Flowing throughout are the common practices of behavioural economics, data science and design thinking. For an independent, original perspective on exponential growth, let us unthink your business.


Data Science

Potential Unearthed.

Data is a double-edged sword that delivers massive amounts of customer information, yet in doing so can bury vital clues to exponential growth. Aided by machine learning and other tech tools, our team of data scientists dig deep to uncover these vital connections. Our ‘thick data’ approach creates a vivid picture of human behaviour that reveals not just the what, but the why. We can also make your data more usable, developing automated reporting that gives a true view of performance.

• Segmentation Services 
• Machine Learning 
• Data Management and Appraisal 
• Markets Analysis 


Commercial Strategy

Value Unlocked.

With disruption everywhere, the landscape of business value is shifting constantly. Our strategy team can help your business develop an accurate picture of where true value lies - and how this is likely to change. Our focus is on prioritising and pricing to ensure strong, sustainable returns. We work with you to extract greater commercial value from the markets you already cover, as well as investigating potential yields from adjacent and entirely new areas.

• New Markets Advisory 
• Portfolio Strategy and Management 
• Market Modelling and Analysis 
• Product/Portfolio Commercialisation 
• Price Point Optimisation


Digital Transformation

Progress Unshackled.

Exponential growth doesn’t come from tweaking current business settings. Our transformation experts give you the confidence to act boldly, changing  organisational attitudes from ‘how we do things around here’, to focus instead on what your future customers really want from you. We can help you automate low value, labour intensive activities, while at the same time amplifying the customer experience around the touchpoints that really matter.

• End-to-End Service Design Product/Service Digitisation 
• Business Process Improvement 
• Organisational Design 
• Digital Product Development


Emerging Technology

Growth Untapped.

The paradox of fast emerging tech is it always seems a smarter iteration is on the way. When do you commit? Our experts can help you determine when, as well as specifically what and how. Our goal is to use the tech that helps you grow by ensuring better customer outcomes. We can also recalibrate your systems and processes to enable faster integration and smoother change management services to ensure implementation is rapid and successful.

• IoT 
• Blockchain solutions for supply chain management 
• Cloud and Edge computing 
• 5G