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Our nimble, custom-built teams use data-science to unpack issues holding your business back and behavioural economics, design thinking and agile development to create power packed solutions.


Data-led Customer Segmentation

Potential Unearthed

When understanding how to grow, having a firm grip on your customers of today but also your customers of tomorrow is essential for success.  We have the capability and experience to help you understand how your market looks now, and how that market is going to evolve. To do this, we apply our proprietary, ‘thick data’ approach to customer segmentation. Starting with your own customer and sales data, we strip out the noise identifying the most valuable characteristics before enhancing it with 3rd party data sources, enriching your understanding of your customer. We can also help with:

CRM Design
Propensity Modelling
Machine and Deep Learning Set-up
Sales & Marketing Strategy


Data Driven Growth Strategy

Value Unlocked

In constantly evolving markets, knowing how to leverage your data to make winning decisions is a critical challenge. We help organisations manage, maintain and use their data to meet this challenge. Through a combination of data science and business strategy we are able to predict and plan for new market challengers, help evolve product and service propositions as well as gain insight into the business’ operations. We work across the business from sales, marketing, logistics to finance uniting the data from across the organisation to enhance competitiveness. As part of this we can help with:

Customer Data Warehousing
Business Intelligence
Reporting and Analytics Design
Market Strategy


Data Driven CX

Experience Unshackled

Building a compelling Customer Experience takes more than just listening, it needs data at its core. By adding data into the design thinking process we can quickly validate assumptions, understand actual as opposed to implied behaviour and understand the end effectiveness of an experience. Whether you are designing a new product or platform, or looking to enhance the effectiveness of a current eCommerce website, we have the tools and team to be able to help. Our services in this area also include:

Conversion Optimisation 
Analytics Partner Selection
Digital Service & Product Design
End-to-end Customer Journey Mapping


Digital Transformation

Potential Unleashed

Exponential growth doesn’t come from tweaking current business settings. Our transformation experts give you the confidence to act boldly, changing  organisational attitudes from ‘how we do things around here’, to focus instead on what your future customers really want from you. We can help you automate low value, labour intensive activities, while at the same time amplifying the customer experience around the touch points that really matter.

End-to-End Service Design Product/Service Digitisation 
Business Process Improvement 
Organisational Design 
Digital Product Development



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