Turning knowers into learners

PwC’s reputation is built on being a company of knowers. But 6000 employees were about to experience a significant workplace shift to ABW (Activity Based Work). We thought that PwC needed to become a company of learners.


Enabling change

There would be no more corner office and for most, no more car park. ABW would take all of this away. We had to get its people used to the idea of working in more collaborative ways and more collaborative spaces. Research indicated that, for some people, not having a consistent workspace is completely unnerving and can lead to a major drop in performance.


Informative & enriching

So we introduced employees to Toto, a smartphone app that acted as a guide through ABW and their new environment. Toto put employees in control of when and where they learned. It gave them contextual content, aggregated based on geography and seniority. Bite-sized to in-depth stories. And we provided a framework to encourage those at the top to lead by example.