Unthinkable Drinks - Design the Future


Date: 21 February 2019

Time: 6pm - 8pm

Venue: Academy XI Ground Floor, 48 Druitt St Sydney



The first in a series of “Design the Future” events hosted by Unthink on the Academy Xi campus, explores how designers can transfer their existing skills to design for Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) – transitioning from visual to invisible interfaces maybe easier than you think.

Head of Service Design at Unthink, Matthew Olney will show you how to use micro-learning and other “knowledge-hacking” techniques, to adapt the UX design skills you have today to the ever changing world of technology and design.

Explore the topic of education for designers through a panel discussion with Principal Designer & Design Educator at Atlassian, Ben Crothers, Service Design Lead at Digital Transformation Agency, David Berigny and Lecturer & Mentor at UTS, Ian Muir. Join in the debate and help answer the question: How can designers future-proof their skills for technologies that haven’t been invented yet?


Ben Crothers - Principal Designer & Design Educator at Atlassian

Ian Muir - Lecturer & Mentor at UTS, NED @Fishburners ( previously Head of Customer Experience @Westpac)

David Berigny - Service Design Lead, Digital Transformation Agency

Matthew Olney - Head of Service Design at Unthink

Matthew is the Head of Service Design at Unthink, a strategic consultancy that defies old ways of thinking to help businesses thrive in today’s exponential economy. Matthew has been in the design world for over 18 years, leading design teams and projects, and helping organisations craft beautiful digital products and services across finance, healthcare and government.

Grab a drink, join the debate, network, learn & shape the future of design.