Getting To Know: Bowie You


Bowie You is an experience designer at Unthink, who has been through several careers before finding her passion in design.

Let’s get to know a little more about her.

What are the key experiences that have shaped your career to date?

My experience in Apple retail when I was a student taught me an important lesson that a big part of a successful product is its great customer experience. I’ve learned the way to do so is to be empathetic towards customers and provide them with the right solutions by understanding their problems/needs through probing. 

This experience has inspired me to continue to create a great experience for customers on the digital platform.

What are the biggest opportunities facing your key sector in the next 5 years?

A project with a pharmaceutical company. The challenge of the design is to cater to very different types of users, e.g. the client’s customers and their customers. 

Based on this challenge, the fun part of building the new website is to enhance our client’s relationship with their customers but also to improve the customers’ relationship with their customers who are the final user of the client’s product. By doing so, different parties can be brought together, creating a more connected and better experience for all types of users. 

As a UX designer, we then need to frequently switch our hats thinking from the perspectives of the different types of users

What are the biggest challenges facing that sector to capitalise on those opportunities in the next 5 years?

The rapidly evolving tech scene has provided continuously growing demand/needs for good UX designers to create an excellent user experience for the products to survive and succeed. 

The emerging technologies such as AI & voice interface have allowed us to take user experience to another level. Such as how UX designers can take advantage of AI to provide a highly intelligent chatbot to help customers/business solve the problems more efficiently and effectively. 

What's your prediction for the biggest driver of change in business over the next 5 years?

A  major challenge is how UX designer can set the moral boundaries while adapting those emerging technologies through their design. It is our responsibilities, as designers, to ensure our design has some level of positive social impacts while pursuing business goals. 

Another one is the young nature of the UX industry in Australia has posed some challenges for a lot of companies to create a human-centred design culture and therefore the right environment to foster UX talents.