Marketing & Media Advisory

Consumer & Brand

It all starts with the consumer.  Who are they? What are their needs? How can you address them? Why do they behave the way they do?

Your customers are your greatest asset. That’s where we start; by helping you understand your consumers through the data.


Consumer Understanding

Australia is changing quickly. As consumers change, so do their needs. We use sales data as the starting point for understanding consumer behaviour, and then layer in additional data sources to paint a vivid picture of your audience for today and tomorrow. There’s more in what you have than you know.


Brand Building

No one knows your brand like you, but capturing it is essentially important to provide a guiding light for others. Your brand story is made up of various components that make it distinct. Ensure they’re understood, embraced and shared with passion.


Marketing & Media


Marketing Plans

Bringing your brand to market requires a compelling, structured approach. Together we’ll create and prioritise marketing activities based on their potential to engage your target and drive business outcomes.


Media Investment

Balancing long-term investment in your brand and short-term investment in sales tactics is a constant battle for any marketer. Find the balance that best suits your current business position and how to react to changing market conditions and competition.


John (1).png

Media Advisory Principal

John Halpin

20+ years of advertising experience working with a range of blue chip companies in Australia, the UK, New Zealand and Japan. John was previously Managing Partner at Naked Communications in Sydney, and Head of Strategy for Ikon Communications.