Finding growth in a shrinking category

The market for weight loss powder was decreasing 8% YoY. We needed to find a smart way to extract growth from a highly competitive, yet shrinking category where discounts drove shelf space.


Getting granular with the data

The best indicator of consumer behaviour is obvious but often overlooked when creating audience segmentations - sales. Once understood at a granular level, we were able to build a picture of our key audiences. IsoWhey purchasers had a clear socio-economic and demographic makeup. Drilling down to a postcode level allowed us to identify a core audience, our next most likely consumer group and a hidden niche market.


Concentrated Efforts

This ground-up approach to segmentation allowed a highly targeted advertising strategy. Core campaign activity targeted our geo-tribes in their neighbourhoods, en route to their local shopping centre. Meanwhile, distinct merchandising and media channels were developed for the suburbs with concentrated Daigou activity. Advertising, that would be aspirational for diagou consumers, focused in on provenance and product quality - key drivers for their export market.

The result ensured IsoWhey beat the category trend with double-digit growth, well above sales forecasts, and got thousands of people feeling good again. We got this!

If you’d like to learn more about how we modelled the data to identify new opportunities, download the case study below or request a short presentation from our team.