Future Fit
Interview Series

No business leader thinks the world is standing still or that its changes are going to decelerate. They know that innovations become everyday with time.
Opportunities seized become redundant. It's easy to see what’s on the horizon. Being ready to take it on is the task.

What it takes to be Future Fit is fascinating. It’s unique to every business. This series explores those that are.


Sam McDonagh - Airbnb

Few businesses have disrupted an industry in such a short space of time as Airbnb.
Here Sam McDonagh, Australia / New Zealand Country Manager, explains how they got there and their plans to be around at the end of the 21st century.


Steve Hannan - NBNCo

The chance to market a national infrastructure project isn’t something that comes along everyday. Steve Hannan, GM of Marketing for the NBNCo, explains how to set a team up for success and why marketing is going to need to deliver on its technology investments.


Natasa Zunic - Vodafone

With the role of the carrier in the telco market changing significantly, focus on the customer becomes more important than ever. Natasa Zunic, GM of Brand and Marketing at Vodafone shares how her team is preparing for success in that landscape.

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Neil Perry - Rockpool Dining

Eyal Wolstin - Bioceuticals

Susan Anderson - Uber

Neil is an icon of the Australian hospitality industry. His restaurants have long set the standard, but more recently the formation of the Rockpool Dining Group has highlighted his business acumen. With 60+ venues and thousands of staff, Neil explains how he stays at the peak of his game.

Technology is the biggest driver of innovation and personalised medicine in the healthcare industry today. From DNA testing to medicinal cannabis, Eyal Wolstin discusses the benefits of innovation in the integrated medicine space to us, the consumer.

What does the future hold for transport? As our understanding and capabilities with machine learning grow, our imaginations are starting to run wild with the possibilities of how we might travel. Susan discusses the trends and promise of the future of transport.


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