Why Unthink?

Australia avoided the worst of the 2011 Global Financial Crisis. But the mining boom is over. And as more and more old economies and industries fail, smart businesses must find new ways of thinking and doing. Ways that are lean, fast - ahead of the pack.

What is Unthinking?

Traditional approaches deliver traditional outcomes. Unthinking uses Behavioral Economics to uncover hidden opportunities and Design Thinking and Agile Development to test, learn and iterate rapidly until we reach a power-packed solution. Unthinking finds new ways for businesses and brands to succeed.



Our services

Our nimble, custom-built team uses data-science, behavioural economics and design thinking to tackle business challenges and build sustainable outcomes.

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Product & Service Design and Development

Your customers are changing. Your product or service must too. We help you design and deliver products that fit your customers better and get into market quicker. Unthinking unlocks more revenue from complementary product and service streams that the future is creating.

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Portfolio Strategy

Markets are rapidly changing. New technology is emerging faster. For a great many products and services that means adapt or die. Unthinking will maximise their lifespan, help you manage transitions to new products and services, help you create roadmaps to manage change successfully and keep your business future secure.


Program and Service Digitisation

Customers are demanding better service. No question. And delivering better service has never been more complex. Comprehensive, seamless and intuitive service is not a goal. It’s essential. By efficiently optimising how you use digital channels, we make every customer experience a positive brand reinforcement.

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Commercialisation Strategy

Today’s marketplace is global and intensely competitive. An unproven new product can sink a business. We use the best of classic economic theory and real world modelling to make sure that your brand’s service or product is financially viable. We test everything from price point and market size to customer lifetime value. And we give you the confidence that you’re building a sustainable new business, product or service.

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Emerging Technology Advisory

We are still only beginning to embrace the cloud computing adoption curve and AI system learning. Yet these will dramatically change how business is organised and optimised for the next decade. We teach you how to understand the implications of these changes and the steps you can take to use and adapt them to create a workplace primed for success.

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Training and Culture Change

Change needs to happen from the ground up. Unthinking will update and finesse your training, proprietary tools, methods, and processes. We give your organisation a custom program, complemented by ongoing support, that will provide you with the skill, power, and momentum to conquer the future.