Consult with Unthink


Our partnership model provides high-performing Independent Consultants a better return on their expertise and 360° support to help them win, deliver and grow their own business, exponentially.


Do More Of The Work You Love.

High-performing consultants are most effective when deploying the apex of their intellect. We provide 360° support so that they can have a greater impact on business outcomes, not business admin.


Scale Your Business With No Overheads.

Draw on the field expertise of Unthink’s own consultants to broaden your scope with clients. Demonstrate your ability to scale your team for bigger projects by leveraging our own resourcing and recruiting expertise.


Master Your Destiny, And Your Workday.

Maximise your productivity and effectiveness by accessing Unthink’s tools, resources workspaces and human support including sales, marketing, admin and resourcing. Enjoy these and a fast-growing range of Partner benefits.

Build Your Brand, And Your Business.

Marketing and developing your profile is critical to ensuring a steady flow of new business opportunities, it’s also the task that always takes a back-seat to active projects. Our partner-marketing product maximises your visibility in order to reduce lumpiness of opportunity flow.

Express your interest.

Interested in Consulting with Unthink? We’ve developed a mutually beneficial path to a partnership arrangement. Once registered, you will receive an email invitation to a confidential online questionnaire. Consultants with whom Unthink is a good fit, will then be invited to a workshop with our founders to explore the benefits partnering with Unthink in more detail.


1. Register Your Interest in Unthink.

Let us know that we’ve peaked your interest.

2. Experience & Skills Assessment.

Complete an online questionnaire that details your career to date.

3. Personal Ambitions Workshop.

Join us so we can understand what motivates you and what you’re looking to achieve.

4. Final Interview & Agreement

Agree the most appropriate working relationship for your situation with our founders.

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