Our Values.

We live by five core values, every single day. They support our vision, inform our culture and reflect our purpose. Our values are the essence of our identity, our principles, beliefs and philosophy. 

Uncommon people
do uncommon work 


We welcome people with different views of the world; to stimulate our thinking, to collaborate on ideas, and to open our eyes to possibilities. Because if we do all that, it will lead to the best work of your career. Work that will make you proud to say  ‘We did that’.


Uncompromising in
the pursuit of excellence 


We live in an exponential world. Our Vision is bold, and the time to realise it short.
To achieve it we need to set high goals for ourselves and our partners. 
Precision, focus & determination are to be applauded.


Comfortable with
being uncomfortable


The world is constantly changing. Adapting is what we do best. That means you need to recognise you’re not innovating if you’re not uncomfortable. You’re not learning if you’re not trying new things. We are a constant work in progress. Constantly innovating and learning. And that’s ok.


problem solvers


We unshackle problems by embracing unconventional methodologies.  By doing so we harness free and lateral thinking to uncover new insights and opportunities for our clients.

We want you to start by asking ‘why?’
so we end up asking ‘why not?’




Real leaders lift others up. They let their thinking do the talking, and ensure the things they say matter.  Because quiet more often means effective, and loud more often means brash. 

We excel, with humility.



Our beliefs and benefits.

Yes we’re ambitious, but we want our people to feel valued, included and like they can learn and develop in their careers. We value diversity in our people and our thinking and provide an inclusive, collaborative, innovative and respectful environment as well as some great perks!


Equality matters

We help our female employees reduce their gap in super by maintaining contribution throughout parental leave.


Personal growth

We're all about personal growth, so we invest in an exceptional e-learning platform to help all Unthinkers keep learning.



Healthy in & out

We feed the mojo with regular social get togethers, monthly in-office massages and a kitchen stocked with healthy snacks.


Family friendly

To support our families with those important milestones, we offer 8 weeks parental leave and a day off for your children's 1st day of school.



Space to create

Our cool, funky offices located in the heart of vibrant Redfern are designed to inspire the most creative minds.



Flexible hours

Work when you're at your best, then we'll know you'll do and be your best and that's what counts.


Pay it forward

Unthinkers love to give back so we have 4 extra days leave for volunteer work in the community.



Paws for thought

We believe a paws in the day makes for a better workplace so our pooches are welcome to come to work with us.


Open roles.

Think you can add value? Get in touch.